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5 Best Paid Online Survey Sites in 2024


Not entirely familiar with online paid surveys? These sites allow you to monetize your spare time, offering cash and gift cards for answering questions about a wide range of topics. While the payouts won’t make your rich overnight, taking online paid surveys can provide an easy financial boost here and there!

Here is our updated 2024 list of the 5 top trusted survey sites out there that will pay you cash to share your opinion:

1. Branded Surveys


Our Rating: 4.7

☑️ Trusted site

2. Survey Junkie

Our Rating: 4.4

☑️ Trusted site

3. InboxDollars

Our Rating: 4.3

☑️ Trusted site

4. LifePoints

Our Rating: 4.2

☑️ Trusted site

5. Ipsos I-say

Our Rating: 4.0

☑️ Trusted site

Before signing up for paid online surveys, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you are maximizing your earnings and avoiding scams. Firstly, it is essential to find reputable sites that offer the highest payouts. 

Are All Survey Sites Free To Join?

All the paid survey sites listed above are 100% join. Remember those brands need people like you to participate in surveys to gather genuine feedback for brands to succeed. For this reason they should be paying you for your time, not the other way around!

How To Maximize My Earnings?

It’s crucial to avoid using fake information when signing up, as some websites require you to submit identity documents. Always treat surveys as a side hustle, not a job replacement, and only fill out surveys you know something about. Some companies may cancel surveys if they find your feedback dishonest, so be careful when recording your answers to get paid for your hard work. 

Are All Survey Sites Legitimate?

To avoid scams, stick with reputable and established firms that have been around for years. Look out for small errors on the website, such as spelling and grammar mistakes, buggy web pages, and unprofessional or non-existent customer service. To identify legitimate online survey sites, focus on reputation and customer service.

How Much Money Can I Make Taking Surveys?

Paid online surveys are a legitimate way to make money, but they cannot replace income from a regular job. The amount of money you can make depends on the platform, but on average, you can make about $10 per hour. Payment is not guaranteed, as responses may get declined or you may get disqualified due to incomplete details or false information. You will get paid when you hit the minimum threshold, which can range from $5 to $50, depending on the platform. 


Our Rating: 4.7

☑️ Trusted site

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